Diversify Your Marketing Tactics Across Platforms

In today’s modern world where information is easily accessible, consumers are more educated than ever. According to a recent study from Semrush, nearly 60% of Google searches ended without consumers clicking to a final destination. Instead, consumers were more likely to start a new search query or end the session altogether. However, the report also found that 30% of all clicks from Google searches go to Google-owned properties such as Google Maps or Google Images. While this information can be alarming when taking into account the impact of user clicks on a business’s Google Search rankings, this also provides valuable insight on how to continually reach potential customers.

With 30% of all clicks being directed to Google-owned properties such as Google Maps or Google Images, having an updated and active Google My Business (GMB) and Map profile is crucial to reach consumers. Without an updated online listing presence, users could be directed to the wrong contact information and businesses could miss out on new customers. Maintaining an updated online listing presence and proving to Google your business is active on these platforms will also help you appear higher in search results. Businesses can prove they are active by posting updates, adding new photos, or ensuring their basic business information is updated on their GMB profile. This is the first step in creating a strong digital marketing presence.

The most important takeaway from these findings is that businesses cannot rely on just one marketing tactic to promote their business. While online search is a common way most consumers begin shopping for products, there are many ways to continue targeting consumers until they make their purchase. Tactics such as Social Media Ads, Location Targeting, or Programmatic Video ads are great ways to reach consumers on multiple platforms and ensure your business has a diversified marketing strategy. Combining the power of a diverse strategy and an updated online listing presence is the best way to create a strong online presence and reach potential customers.

While billions of users take to Google each day to search for products and services, advertising with Google Search is not the only tactic you should use for your business. Instead, ensuring your online listing presence is continually updated and using a variety of marketing tools such as Social Ads, Targeted Display, YouTube Ads, etc. is the best way to make an impact with your marketing campaign. Reach out to our team today to discover how we can help your business create a diversified marketing strategy that drives results!


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